Selected publications grouped by year


  1. EPRINT Preprint
    Security of Fixed-Weight Repetitions of Special-Sound Multi-Round Proofs
    Michele Battagliola, Riccardo Longo, Federico Pintore, Edoardo Signorini, and Giovanni Tognolini
    Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2024/884
  2. CT-RSA
    History-Free Sequential Aggregation of Hash-and-Sign Signatures
    Alessio Meneghetti, and Edoardo Signorini
    In Topics in Cryptology - CT-RSA 2024 - Cryptographers’ Track at the RSA Conference 2024
  3. NATO
    Authentication Methods for Quantum Key Distribution: Challenges and Perspectives
    Giacomo Fregona, Claudia De Lazzari, Damiano Giani, Fernando Chirici, Francesco Stocco, and 5 more authors
    In Toward a Quantum-Safe Communication Infrastructure - NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - D: Information and Communication Security


  1. EPRINT Preprint
    MAYO: Optimized Implementation with Revised Parameters for ARMv7-M
    Arianna Gringiani, Alessio MeneghettiEdoardo Signorini, and Ruggero Susella
    Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/540


  1. AAECC
    RLWE and PLWE over cyclotomic fields are not equivalent
    Antonio J. Di ScalaCarlo Sanna, and Edoardo Signorini
    Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing


  1. JMC
    On the condition number of the Vandermonde matrix of the nth cyclotomic polynomial
    Antonio J. Di ScalaCarlo Sanna, and Edoardo Signorini
    Journal of Mathematical Cryptology
  2. CrypTOrino
    On the classical authentication in Quantum Key Distribution
    Guglielmo Morgari, Edoardo Signorini, and Francesco Stocco
    In CrypTOrino 2021