Edoardo Signorini

Cryptographer at Telsy


Welcome! I am a cryptographer at Telsy where I have been part of the Research Group since 2020. I am also a PhD student in Mathematics in the CrypTO Group (Cryptography and Number Theory Group) at Polytechnic of Turin. My research interests are mainly in post-quantum cryptography, in particular the aggregation and optimization of digital signatures, and the design and security analysis of cryptographic protocols.

I received a MSc degree in Mathematics from University of Trento in 2020, and a BSc degree in Mathematics from Roma Tre University in 2017.


Jun 05, 2024 New paper available on ePrint: Security of Fixed-Weight Repetitions of Special-Sound Multi-Round Proofs with Michele Battagliola, Riccardo Longo, Federico Pintore and Giovanni Tognolini.
May 06, 2024 I’m giving a talk at the CrypTOgraphy Days conference in Turin on May 17th.
Apr 29, 2024 I’m giving a talk at the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco on May 6th.
Apr 05, 2024 Our paper, Group Factorisation for Smaller Signatures from Cryptographic Group Actions with Giuseppe D’Alconzo and Alessio Meneghetti, was accepted at CBCrypto 2024 and WCC 2024!
Feb 07, 2024 Our paper, History-Free Sequential Aggregation of Hash-and-Sign Signatures with Alessio Meneghetti, was accepted at CT-RSA 2024!